Special Issue of the Indian Journal of Cancer - on Tobacco 

Healis has been asked to organize a special issue of the Indian Journal of Cancer on the topic of tobacco in South East Asia Region. This is an initiative of the World Health Organization, South East Asia Region. Dr. Dhirendra N. Sinha, Regional Advisor, Surveillance (Tobacco Control), Tobacco Free Initiative has spearheaded this effort. 

The rationale was that comparable good quality national level information was becoming available on the tobacco use situation in more countries through various surveys like the Global Adult Tobacco Survey, STEPS, Global Health Professional Students Survey, Global Youth Tobacco Survey etc and it was considered important to capture this wide variety of information. 

The purpose was to bring together information from countries in SEA Region on different aspects of tobacco use in order to characterize the regional situation. Thus contribution of articles from those nations of the region, from where very little has been published so far about their tobacco use situation was contributions especially encouraged. 

Several articles have been prepared and submitted from Healis for this Special Issue. A former colleague of Dr. Gupta’s, Prof. P R Murti, was engaged to provide technical editorial support. 

The online issue of the Journal was published on February 26, 2013. 

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